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© Noelle Chiodo 2018. All Rights Reserved. 

Noelle Chiodo promises to put passion behind every word that she writes and note that she sings. 


Her ability to mold together detailed, personal, clever lyrics with hooky pop beats is inevitably starting to give her a reputation as a songwriter and an artist. Not to mention Noelle, raised in one of America’s entertainment capitals, Las Vegas, knows how to command a stage and captivate an audience. 


Noelle began singing at the age of 8 and shortly began learning piano and fully emerging herself in everything music to absorb and learn as much as she can. It wasn’t until she experienced the loss of a family friend at the age of 12, when she began songwriting. A few years later, she picked up a guitar and started gigging all over Sin City at some Las Vegas’ top restaurants, hottest lounges, biggest charity events, and more. 


Raised on a wide variety of music, from soul to mariachi to classic rock, Noelle pulls inspiration from many genres and you can definitely hear her unique sound in her music. Looking up to songwriters; such as, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, and Lady gaga, she has learned to soak up her surroundings like a sponge. Whether it’s books, movies, personal experiences; her goal is to write her stories, then give it to the audience to hear and paint their own pictures with and she is certainly mastering this. 


Noelle is a pop artist, incorporating soulful twist from her influences; such as, Christina Aguilera, Aretha, Bruno Mars, and Joss Stone. This is only expected as Noelle grew up known as “the little girl with the big voice” with her unexpected wide range and powerful vocals. 


She has been featured on a range of Spotify playlists (Discover Weekly, Discovery Beasts, Trending Genie, Instagram Stars, Pop Global, etc.)  and reached 30,000+ Spotify monthly listeners, a growing following of 32k+ on Instagram, and has received press attention from Vents Magazine, Daily Mail, Gas Mask Magazine, and more. Not to mention, she has been invited and hired to perform for the Miss USA nationally televised welcome reception, Lisa Vanderpump’s (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump) and Route 91 Strong’s Benefit for Route 91, and more. 


Her latest release; her debut, self titled EP, fulfills any listeners cravings. From the catchy, upbeat, pop hooks in “Up All Night” to the more serious, sultry ballads like “Your Love’s Got Me Blinded”. Noelle is clearly ready to take the music industry by storm.