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Singer songwriter NOELLE CHIODO knows how to captivate an audience with her cutting edge lyrics and powerful vocals. 


Like medicine for the soul, Noelle promotes honesty, vulnerability, empowerment, and healing through her emotional “pop” sound. Listen closely and you will hear a live instrument in all of her music, something important to her as she plays piano and guitar herself. 


Shortly into her career, Noelle has been featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, Misguided Clothing Blog, Celeb Haute Spot, and more with her female empowerment anthem “That’s It, I’m Done”! She also gained the attention of European label, Found Frequencies, and Armada Music Publishing, whom the deep house track “Making Love to the Dark” (with Yagiz Ince) was released under. 


Before she moved to LA, Noelle started out in her hometown of Las Vegas, going anywhere and everywhere with her fake ID to play wherever she could. Since then, she has performed for the Miss USA Welcome Reception, House of Blues Las Vegas, the Hotel Cafe Hollywood and many more notable venues.  


She is set to release her next single mid November, “Nice Bitch”, another female empowerment anthem that takes back the narrative of the word “bitch”. Other than that, she is working tirelessly on perfecting her next era of music, set to roll out Spring of 2022. 


Follow Noelle on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram for more!


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